About Us


FCS Striping Sealing & Paving Inc. was Founded in 2000 by Faustino and Ines Seoane as a continuation and consolidation of Faustino Seoane Striping (started in 1987). With over 40 years of construction experience, we specialize in a fast clean job with "no mistakes".

We are full licensed in the State of California with the following Classifications:

We are full licensed in the State of Nevada with the following Classifications:


A.D.A. Compliance

Over the years and with the increasing importance of the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.), we have performed thousands of jobs meeting A.D.A. requirements. In many cases, we helped to optimize the Design to Cost ratio of the construction. In these projects, we were able to help owners by providing creativity to fulfill function and regulations. We specialize in completing jobs that comply with the California ADA requirements. We install all types of concrete handicap ramps including Case A ramps, Case C ramps, curb ramps including the required handrails according to ADA specifications. We can repair your handicap parking stalls to comply with ADA slopes using both concrete parking pads or asphalt paving as a more cost effective solution. We will at the same time upgrade the ADA striping to comply with the latest ADA codes.


Water Drainage and Trenching

One of the main problems of many parking lots involves water drainage. Our company has performed many jobs to repair drainage issues of parking lots not only by regrading and paving, but also by installing drainage. We can evaluate and determine what is required to repair the issue; whether installing asphalt or concrete swales, or trenching and installing all new underground pipes and storm drains.


M.B.E. Certification

FCS SSP Inc. is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (M.B.E.). We are Nationally Certified by the Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).



We are a Green Business, starting from our shop with water recycling and disposal, to the Asphalt recycling in pulverizing projects where we grind the old asphalt and make it part of the base for the new paving.  We save the owner money and protect our land fills by only disposing old asphalt and concrete at recycle centers.